Election Office

Election Office

Acting Director:
Tuaolo Manaia Fruean

Email: asgelect@samoatelco.com

Deputy Director:
Meleisea V. Filiga

Mission Statement:

The Election Office is a nonopartisan agency of the American Samoa Govenrment responsible for conducting all elections, by upholding proper adminstration of election laws, campaign finance disclosure complieance, and voter registration processes through promulgating rules, regulations, issuing instructions, and providing information to electoral boards, candidates and the gneral public.  The Election Office maintains a centralized database of territorial-wide voter registration, Officeal Roll of registered voters and enforce federal election laws in accordance iwth the Help American Vote Act (HAVA) of 2002.

Vision Statement:

To ensure unifromity, transparency, fairness, accuracy and security of all elections in the Territory

Current and Upcoming Programs and Projects:

New Voter Registration System and Voter Identification Card - a new database was developed for administering and recording of eligible voters of American Samoa. The new identification card contains all necessary identity information of each voter.

Registration drives for High School seniors and remote areas.  Registration drives will be carried out in both Public and Private High Schools. Many seniors leave American Samoa after high school without registering, thus, making it difficult to register from colleges and universities abroad.  The Election Office takes registration to outer of Manu'a to alleviate transportation and cost burdens to Manu'a voters.

Outreach and Special Needs Voters - visitations will be conducted for special places including nursing homes, old age programsand schools with special needs population to register eligible disabled voters and to obtain special instructions and requirements for participation in all elections.

Preparations for the 2014 General Elections - update of manuals and forms for the upcoming election; identify and order necessary equipment and materials; replenish suppliesw and backup systems.

Office Number(s):
1 (684) 699-3570
1 (684) 699-3571

Fax Number:
1 (684) 699-3574

Email Address(s):