Property Management

Property Management

Acting Director:
Malo Niumata

Deputy Director:
Moamoaniua Ino Vitale

Mission Statement:
The Office of Property Management comprises of the three Divisions' Inventory Division, Survey Division and Real Property Division and their primary function is for the purpose of management of government property, i.e. yearly physical inventories of each department's fixed assets, determine acquisition value, accumulative depreciation & true value of all government fixed assets, survey/disposal of these properties and real property. Responsible with data entry and Inputs all items tagged into the fixed assets module of the Interactive Fund Accounting System (IFAS) and will greatly assist the government in closing each books each fiscal year. Will also assist with Auditors locally and off-Island during single audits for ASG - Government.

  1. To conduct yearly and spot physical inventory of all personal/real property owned by the American Samoa Government.
  2. To screen, survey and dispose of supplies/equipment that are beyond economical repair. 
  3. To maintain, update and reconcile all record files of all fixed assets of the ASG. 
  4. To conduct auctions and public sales for goods and materials that are in excess to the government's needs. 
  5. To plant account expendable/non-expendable property items received and purchased locally and federally funded for ASG. 
  6. To maintain transfers of ASG properties from one department to the next.
  7. To maintain a list of all ASG departmental vehicles.

ASG Real Property.

To maintain records, determine existing values, depreciation expense and accumulative depreciation of all ASG office buildings, School buildings, ASG housing, Commercial buildings, Storage & Facilities, 'Tank Farms, Harbors & Airports, Roads, Bridges, Sidewalks, Vessels, Seawalls, Air Transportation, Lands and Leases.


Chief of Property Management:
The Chief of Property Management shall manage and control government property and shall have authority over the disposition and use of such property, including inventorying and establishing forms and procedures for sale, rental, or other disposition of such property.

The Chief of Property Management shall list all real estate belonging to or under lease to the government, showing the agency controlling, location, metes and bounds, cost when acquired, persons to whom leased, and other detail.

Accountable Officers - Department and agency head responsibility:
All property acquired by the government will be charged to cm accountable officer. The safeguarding of property and maintenance of proper records thereof shall be considered a primary responsibility of these officers. It is the responsibility of the head of each department or agency to make certain that public property under his custody and control is property utilized and protected against damaged and loss.

Property Management Officers:
The head of a department or agency may designate an officer of employee of his department of agency to perform the functions prescribed. The officers or employee so designated, as responsible for supervising the property management program of his/her department, shall be the property management officer, regardless of this payroll designation or any other title of function assigned to him/her.

Receiving - Acknowledging - Responsibility and records:
Certain basic principles are involved in the receiving of government property and shall be observed when assigning the responsibilities of this function. These principles include:

  • The individual who signs the receiving report is certifying that the property listed thereon has been received and his signature serves as the basis for the expenditures of government funds. All incoming shipments shall be physically counted and inspected to insure that the quantity ordered has been delivered and that articles received meet the specifications. Any defect or damages to the property shall be noted at the time of inspection. Articles which require technical identification or inspection shall be examined by the receiving individual in conjunction with other qualified personnel.

The accountable officer, the head of the department or able officer, the head of the department or agency shall establish prescribed accountability records for all property acquired or entrusted to him immediately upon receipt of documents evidencing the receipt of such property.

Acknowledging Receipt:

Establishing initial responsibility:
The property management officer or individual acting in the capacity assumes responsibility for all personal property received at the time the equipment or supplies arc accepted and the receiving report is executed. The property management officer shall be responsible for the identification of all non expendable personal property acquired by the agency in accordance with provisions of this chapter.

Establishing accountability:

Identification markings - Unmarkable apparatus - Large Items:
Very small, delicate, or precision apparatus, which cannot be marked in a permanent manner without damage to the equipment, however, shall be recorded on the property cards established for the equipment.

The larger or more significant items of non-expendable property, including but not limited to office furniture and ship equipment, shall be marked with the property number assigned thereto.

Identification Markings - Property numbers:
Each item or group of items of nonexpendable property shall be assigned an identifying property number by the chief of property management, office of property management. Decimal suffixes may be added to the property number in order to specifically identify individual items as may be determined. The numbers assigned shall be entered on the property records for the items.

Identification Markings - Motor Vehicles:
All motor vehicles of the ASG, except those exempted elsewhere in this chapter, shall bear special markings and identification consisting of the following:


"For Official Use Only"
  ASG decalcomania
Identification plates i.e. plates with numbers prefixed by letters, indicating user, department or office.


Identification Markings - Removal before disposition:
When property is sold or otherwise permanently removed from government service, all identification markings which indicate that the property was previously owned by the government shall be removed prior to disposition.

Transfer of accountability:
When an accountable officer is to be relieved of accountability, the incoming accountable officer shall be required to accept, formally, full responsibility and accountability for all government-owned property involved in the transfer of accountability. This may be accomplished in either of 2 ways.

  1. An itemized list of property of all classes may be compiled from the property records, showing, as a minimum, the quantity and adequate description of the items involved. 
  2. Receipt of the property shall be acknowledged thereon by the incoming accountable officer, after such verification and inventory as the incoming officer deems necessary to satisfy himself as to its correctness.

Prior to the transfer of the property, any overages which may be disclosed as the result of physical inventory shall be taken up in the records and accounts of the outgoing accountable officer, and any shortages adjusted.

Inventory of Property, ASG form M/T MGT 18 and continuation sheet may be used for the purpose referred to above, and for formally documenting transfer of accountability. This list and receipt shall be prepared in triplicate, the original to be retained by the officer relieved, the duplicate to be filed by the incoming officer, and the triplicate forwarded to the Chief of Property Management.

If the incoming officer is satisfied that the property records are accurate and he is willing to assume full liability for all property recorded therein without physical verification, he may, as an alternate, execute a certificate in the following similar form:



I, _________________________(Name) _______________________(Official designation).

Incoming accountable officer, have satisfied myself that the expendable and nonexpendable property accountability records of (Department or Agency) are accurate; and that the property recorded therein is physically on hand as of this date.

I HEREBY AGREE to except full responsibility and pecuniary liability for property as recorded and waive any requirement for a physical inventory as a condition of such acceptance.

Signature: _________________________

Official Designation: _________________

The original certificate shall be forwarded to the Office of Property Management and each party to the transfer of accountability shall retain a copy.
Inventory Reports:

Physical inventories of personal property shall be conducted at periodic intervals in accordance with the following:

Capitalized Equipment:

The property management officer of each department or agency shall conduct a complete physical inventory of all capitalized.



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