Administrative Services

Administrative Services

Acting Director:
Malemo Lafo Tausaga

Deputy Director:
Eliki Afalava

Mission Statement:
The Department of Administrative Services supports the American Samoa Government and public with Territorial archives & records management, Government Mail and Printing; Executive office building and ASG Housing management with Security as well as USDA Meat Inspections. While each of its seven divisions has separate duties and functions in support of the American Samoa Government, all follow directions and guidelines from the Directors Office.

Current & Upcoming Projects and Programs:
1. ASG Printshop Building Renovation

2. ASG Archives Building Renovation

3. EOB Critical Renovation Projects:

  1. EOB Re-roofing Project
  2. EOB Bathroom Renovation
  3. EOB Elevators

Office Number:
1 (684) 633-4156

Fax Number:
1 (684) 633-1841

Email Address: