Human Resources

Department of Human Resources

HTC Le'i S. Thompson

Deputy Director:
Eseneiaso Liu

Mission Statement:
Implement a human resource management system that ensures equality for the American Samoa Government in the selection, development, training, management and recognition of a high quality workforce in compliance with established law and merit system principles.

Develop and execute innovative, relevant and “just-in-time” training to enhance work competencies for American Samoa Government employees while creating knowledge management systems and succession development programs to preserve subject matter expertise and institutional knowledge.

To provide ideal public services, build and retain a healthy champion workforce for the American Samoa Government and to transform from an operational force to a strategic human capital management force.

Current & Upcoming Programs and Projects:
On October 1, 2011 the new ASG Performance Management System (PMS) was implemented to replace the old evaluation system for the government workforce. Approximately 70% of the workforce has been trained on the new PMS with 99% of the department leadership and senior management already trained. The PMS is part of the DHR Human Capital and Strategic Planning's (HCSP) initiative to improve communications between an employee and the immediate supervisor and to encourage professional development and mentoring for career enhancement and job efficiency.

A second HCSP initiative is the availability of the Human Resources (HR) University portal to provide computer based training for government employees. There are over 50 courses that are designed for entry level to senior level management in management, employment laws and general leadership courses. The HRU program for ASG will be implemented in the summer of 2012.

General Memorandums:
GM 038-13
GM 041-13

Human Resources:

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Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Guide:
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