Legal Affairs

Department of Legal Affairs

Attorney General:
Aleasalo V. Ale as the AG.

Deputy Attorney General:
Mitzie Jessop

Mission Statement:
The Department of Legal Affairs (DLA) consists of the Office of the Attorney General, the Office of Immigration, the Office of the Territorial Registrar and the Office of Weights and Measures.

There are four assistant attorneys general assigned to criminal prosecution. The criminal prosecution section is responsible for the enforcement of criminal statutes in cases referred to the Attorney General by the Department of Public Safety.

DLA concentrates on the training and education of DPS police officers in the field of criminal prosecution. The goal of criminal prosecution is to continue with the practice of trial familiarization for DPS officers in order to improve and polish "trial awareness" in the field. We hope that some of these activities can be extended to Customs officers and patrols.

Prosecution of Domestic Violence and Crimes Against Women: It is the goal of this program to improve the institutional response to cases of domestic violence. Crimes of domestic violence have historically been ignored and/or minimized by the criminal justice system. In addition to the standard prosecutorial goals of punishment and deterrence, aggressive criminal prosecution of domestic violence and rape will contribute to changing societal acceptance of domestic violence and rape.

Immigration Office: The Office of Immigration is headed by the Chief Immigration Officer with a staff of 33 employees. The Office is responsible for the administration and enforcement of immigration laws relating to admission, exclusion and deportation of aliens; it also has responsibility for the photographing and registration of aliens lawfully residing in American Samoa.

Office Number(s):
1 (684) 633-4163
1 (684) 633-7504

Fax Number:
1 (684) 633-1838

Email Address: