Public Information

Department of Public Information

Fagafaga Daniel Langkilde

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Office of Public Information is to disseminate news of local and international happenings, broadcast programs on television to supplement the curriculum of the Department of Education, and to produce and broadcast programs to promote local awareness of government policies and programs. KVZK-TV acts as a broadcast medium to educate the public concerning cultural and governmental affairs, arts and humanities and the environment.

KVZK was originally an educational television station. It has evolved into a public television organization, with an emphasis on education. Its present role in promoting education is not limited to classroom instruction or teaching basics, but rather, it involves educating the public in all walks of life.

To maintain a consistent flow of quality information for the benefit of the public and not falling behind the explosive IT based internet information explosive.

Current & Upcoming Projects and Programs:
A planned upgrade to high definition for all locally produced, programming and adding high definition stream to our 4 current standard definition streams.

Office Number:
1 (684) 633-4191

Fax Number:
1 (684) 633-1044

Email Address: