Public Safety

Department of Public Safety

William E. Haleck

Deputy Commissioner:
Leseiau S. Laumoli


Mission Statement:
To serve and protect.


Vision Statement:
To train, to professionalize and improve upon law enforcement, fire and corrections on all levels.


Current and upcoming programs and projects:

  • Update DPS Organizational Chart
  • Update DPS Standards of Operations (SOP)
  • Police & Corrections Officers Academy
  • Police/Fire/Corrections In-Service Training
  • Less Lethal and Lethal Tactical Training
  • Arming of Police Officers
  • Police Officers Psychological Evaluations for Firearms Training
  • Seek off Island Training Resources for Police//Fire/Correction Officers
  • Construction of New Male Correctional Facility in Tafuna (Funding provided by DOI)
  • Upgrade Island Wide Police Communications System
  • Improved upon DPS Marine Patrol efforts and capabilities
  • Police Canine Unit

Office Number:
1 (684) 633-1111

Fax Number:
1 (684) 633-7296

Email Address: