Youth & Women's Affairs

Department of Youth & Women's Affairs

Acting Director:
Pa'u Fuiavailiili Roy Taito Ausage

Deputy Director:
Tapumanaia Galu Satele, Jr

Mission Statement:
To plan, design, implement, and evaluate educational programs, training seminars, cultural programs, and information networks to empower the youth and women of American Samoa. Act as a liaison between resources and to be a clearinghouse for data, research information, and existing programs.

To improve the quality of life and empowering Youth and Women of the Territory through nurturance, education, training and development. To provide a foundation for equality in the workplace, in the home and within the community.

Current & Upcoming Programs and Projects:

  1. Fale Lalaga
  2. Basic Sewing Class (Completed)         
  3. Basic Computer Training (Completed)
  4. Mothers Day Sunday Service (Completed)
  5. Basic Cooking Class for Women (Completed)
  6. Financial Planning Workshop (June 17)
  7.  Basic Sewing Classes for Manu'a (June 24)


  1. R.E.S.U.L.T.S. - Obesity Awareness and Fitness program (Completed)
  2. Fale Talanoa (Completed)
  3. Digital Workshop - (Completed)
  4. Student Athletes College Prep Workshops (Completed)
  5. Ocean Summit (Completed)
  6. Le Leo O Amerika Samoa (Completed)
  7. Fatuga Samoa (slated to begin in two weeks)
  8. Le Leo Program for Manu’a (End of Summer)
  9. Enviro-Discoveries Camp Manu’a (July 15-17 2013)
  10. Samoan Oratory Language Training Manu’a (July 27)


  1. HPRP - Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-housing Program
  2. ESG - Mapusaga Emergency Homeless Shelter

Phone Number:
1 (684) 633-2835
1 (684) 633-2836

Fax Number:
1 (684) 633-2875

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