Biography of Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga

HTC Lolo Matalasi Moliga
Governor of American Samoa

Born in the village of Ta’u, Manua but currently resides in Tafuna, American Samoa. His parents are the late High Chief MOLIGA Sa’ena Auauna Moliga of Ta’u, and Soali’i Galea’i of Fitiuta and Olosega.


  • San Diego State University, Masters degree in Public Administration
  • Chadron College, Nebraska, Bachelors degree in teaching
  • Graduated Manu’a High School, Ta’u Manu’a
  • Attended Samoana High School since Manu’a did not have one
  • Papatea Junior Elementary in Ta’u, Manu’a


  • President, Development Bank, American Samoa Government
  • President, Senate, Legislature of American Samoa
  • Chief Procurement Officer, Procurement Office, AS Government
  • Served as Chief Procurement Officer under two administrations
  • Director, Program Planning and Budget, AS Government
  • Representative, House of Representative, Legislature of American Samoa
  • 4 consecutive terms (8 years)
  • Committee Chairman, House Budget and Appropriation
  • Traveled with respective members of the Legislature, Budget Officer and Treasurer to testify before the US Congress on the American Samoa Budget
  • Department of Education, American Samoa Government
  • DOE main office
  • High School principal, Manu’a High School
  • Vice-principal, Manu’a High School
  • Principal, Lauli’i Elementary school
  • Teacher, Manu’a High School


    Lolo is a High Talking Chief from the village of Sili, Manu’a. Prior to accepting the Lolo title he was a High Chief holding the title of Letalu from Ta’u. He served the Manu’a aumaga for many years before he was titled. Lolo is a deacon of Congregational Christian Church of American Samoa in Tafuna.

    Lolo is married to Cynthia Malala of the village of Pago. Her father is Fa’aloua Magellan Malala Gi of the extended Gi family of Pago. Her mother is Lealofitaute A’etonu Malala of the extended Uifa’atali family of Pago Pago. To Cynthia Malala Moliga, she was very attached to her father’s mother, Foliga Le’i of Ofu Manu’a. Two sons, Va’a Matalasi and Eteuati Sola, and two daughters, Muaiao Moliga Fakalata and Lealofisa Moliga represents God’s blessings as offsprings of this union.