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For Official Release

PR 003-02012021

Office of the Governor

Utulei, American Samoa

February 1, 2021


Governor Lemanu Appoints New ASTCA and Shipyard Services Board Members

Governor Lemanu appoints new members of ASTCA and Shipyard Services.

“ serve the people of the Territory.”


Governor Lemanu, in a closed and intimate meeting, appointed the new board members for the American Samoa Telecommunications and Shipyard Services Authorities, respectively.


Governor Lemanu reminded the appointees, "It is my hope that you lead with integrity and to remember that you serve the people of the Territory."  The Governor discussed his vision and expectations for board member's positions and responsibilities.  He continued, "These services will greatly affect the livelihood of our people and our local economy, do not take this role lightly.  After carefully reviewing your backgrounds and experience, I have no doubt that this is a great team for both ASTCA and the Shipyard Services, and will produce great results for the future of the Territory.  Now it's time to get to work.  God Bless you all on your new positions."  

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