Governor Lolo's Cabinet meeting summary

August 29, 2017

The Governor’s Office conference room was filled with members of the cabinet, traditional leaders and relevant support staff for the most recent cabinet meeting hosted by Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga and Lieutenant Governor Lemanu Palepoi Sialega Mauga. The overall theme of the meeting was Governor Lolo’s resolve to control government expenses and develop new revenue ideas.


Foremost on Governor Lolo’s agenda was compliance with Department of Labor rules and regulations and issues associated with overtime claims. Governor Lolo stressed that essential overtime with appropriate  approval should be paid to the worker, but he encouraged the Directors to have more rigorous oversight and tighter controls to curtail unnecessary overtime claims within their respective agencies. Directors from Public Health, Education, Public Safety, Homeland Security, Agriculture, Human Resources, ASPA and Port Administration contributed recommendations on how to achieve the goal.

The next item on Governor Lolo's agenda was the need to revise and improve the use of ASG vehicles in regards to gas consumption. The Governor informed that there was only limited supply of gas for emergency vehicles such as those of the Department of Public Safety and the Emergency Medical Services until more clarification and a more efficient plan can be set to expedite payment to local suppliers. 

Governor Lolo next asked Director of Budget Catherine Saelua about on-going budget hearings.  Director Saelua explained that the Fono is still scheduling testimonies.  Governor Lolo encouraged the Cabinet to be prepared and use appropriate language and decorum in the presentation of their budget proposals. 

Attorney General Talauega Eleasalo Ale next spoke about Revenue measures and their on-going cooperative efforts with lawyers of the Fono discussing various matters pertaining to the Sales Tax.

Human Resources Director Eseneiaso Liu addressed the final preparations underway for Workforce Appreciation Day on September 1st.  Director Liu indicated that each department is aware of their respective roles and responsibilities including cleanup upon completion of activities for the day.  Governor Lolo reiterated the importance of the Workforce Appreciation Day to show appreciation to the workers of the Territory. Governor Lolo also applauded the selection of ASPA CEO Utu Abe Malae as the keynote speaker for the day alluding to his leadership and experience.

Referring to the recent disaster of Hurricane Harvey in the United States, Governor Lolo appointed several local agencies to prepare a fund raising response.

Lastly, Governor Lolo spoke about the revisiting of the ASG Immigration policies regarding problems associated with foreigners residing in the Territory.  These policies are being finalized by the Department of Legal Affairs and will be put into place upon final approval.

Closing remarks were provided by Manu’a Disttrict Governor Laolagi Vaeao representing Samoan Affairs along with Eastern District Governor Alo Paul Stevenson and Western District Governor Faasisina Fuamatu Fuamatu who were also in attendance.