Department of Port Administration

Taimaleleagi Dr. Claire Poumele - Director

Directors Office

  Fagatogo Phone: 684-633-4612

Grants and Engineering

  Fagatogo Phone: 684-633-4251

Finance and Budget

  Fagatogo Phone: 684-633-4251

Harbor Masters Office

  Fagatogo Phone: 684-633-2101

IT Central Office (ITC)

  Fagatogo Phone: 684-633-4251

Pier Section

  Fagatogo Phone: 684-633-4449

Personnel Office

  Fagatogo Phone: 684-633-4251

Seaport Maintenance

  Fagatogo Phone: 684-633-4251

Seaport Police - Security and Safety

  Fagatogo Phone: 684-633-4251

Water Transportation Division (WTD)

  Fagatogo Phone: 684-633-4160 / 684-633-5532

Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighter (ARFF)

  Tafuna Airport Phone: 684-699-4363 / 684-699-4373

Airport Maintenance

  Tafuna Airport Phone: 684-699-9103

Airport Management

  Tafuna Airport Phone: 684-699-9101 / 684-699-9102

Airport Police - Security & Safety

  Tafuna Airport Phone: 684-699-9151

Manu'a Division

  Manu'a Phone: 684-677-3542

The Department of Port Administration is divided into three major operations: (a) Seaport Division, (b) Airport Division, and (c) Security and Safety Division. These divisions consist of subdivisions that ensure accountability and stability for our major operations and our services to the public. 

Chris King - Deputy Director