OIA Director Nikolao Pula signs grant awards with Governor Lolo Moliga

Director of the Office of Insular Affairs, Department of Interior, Nikolao Pula, signed grant awards for 2.8 million dollars for the American Samoa Government at the Governor’s Office witnessed by Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga.

Under the Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) Program, $664,954 is redirected from completed CIP projects to fund the renovations to the Department of Public Safety Building.

For the Technical Assistance Program LBJ Tropical Medical Center receives $493,581 for the Hemodialysis Technician and Nurses Training project and $176,000 for the Cost-Based & Reimbursement Assessment and Training project.

Under the Maintenance Assistance Program (MAP) $750,000 goes to the Department of Public Works School Maintenance Division for deferred maintenance of classroom buildings. This funding helps to continue projects under the Insular ABC Initiative work plan; $96,470 goes to the ASPA for it’s Professional Training and Apprenticeship Program.

For the Coral Reef and Natural Resources Program: $459,274 goes to the Governor’s Office for their continued collaboration with the National Park Service.

This funding is provided for a project titled, “Recovering Endangered Tuaimeo and Tutuila Tree Snails and Restoring Nu’uuli Wetland, Watershed & Streams and Clearing Tamaligi Seed Banks.”

$173,200 goes to the Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources to control invasive algae outbreaks and enhance coral reef resilience in Ofu and Olosega.