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The legal information on these pages is provided for informational purposes only.  Efforts have been made to make it as accurate as possible, but it does not represent the official publication of the law. If you see anything that needs to be corrected, email legal@go.as.gov.

Legislative 1

Statutes (American Samoa Code Annotated) 1

Public Law 1

Executive 1

Administrative Law Samoa Administrative Code 1

Rules 1

Executive Orders 1

Other Executive Actions 1

General Memoranda 1

Policy 1

Administrative Law Judge Decisions 2

Judicial Branch 2

Case Law 2

Constitution and Other Significant Law that Affect American Samoa 2

  • Legislative

    • Statutes (American Samoa Code Annotated)

    • Public Law

  • Executive

    • Administrative Law Samoa Administrative Code

      • Rules

    • Executive Orders

    • Other Executive Actions

      • General Memoranda

        • General Memorda are used to appoint officials and give instructions to government agencies using the Governor’s authority under A.S.C.A. §§ 4.0111 and 4.0112. 

      • Policy

        • Policies and other executive branch 

    • Administrative Law Judge Decisions

      • The Office of the Administrative Law Judge (OALJ) makes administrative decisions when presented with certain claims involving the executive branch.  The OALJ is part of the executive branch, but it functions like a court of the judicial branch.

  • Judicial Branch

    • Case Law

      • Courts are charged with interpreting the law and making decisions based on the facts in cases that are brought before the courts.  The court interpretations establish precedent.  Precedent is law within the jurisdiction of the court.  

      • Hervard’s Case Law project has scanned all of the official reports that have been released by the High Court of American Samoa.   

        • Am. Samoa: American Samoa Reports (1900-1975)

        • Am. Samoa 2d: American Samoa Reports 2d (1978-1999)

        • Am. Samoa 3d: American Samoa Reports 3d (1993-2005)

        • Since 2005, the court devisions have been released as slip opinions.  


Note: Harvard’s case law project has scanned all of the official reporters from American Samoa.  They have an API tool that is explained here: https://api.case.law/v1/.  Can we set up a search tool using the API?

  • Constitution and Other Significant Law that Affect American Samoa