Christmas is celebrated by billions of people around the world annually commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25. For all Christians, Christmas is more than the exchanging of gifts or engaging in festive activities and celebrations. It is the symbol of hope, renewal, restoration, humility, and compassion.


For all the Christians, the birth of Jesus manifested God’s greatest gift to man and simultaneously fill us with hope. It means that forgiveness and salvation is eminent as our sins would be absolved by the Son of God. It gives us the opportunity to renew our lives for the better. It means restoring strained relations with loved ones or others deemed to be our enemies. It teaches us humility and it should compel us to be generous in the art of giving to make lives better.


Let this Christmas be the opportunity for all of us to provide hope to others in what we do; practice renewal by committing to becoming a better person; engage in restoration by reaching out to long lost family members and friends; put into practice the art of humility and modesty; and become the fountain of benevolence and generosity not just for Christmas but for the rest of your lives.


On this Christmas, let us remember the destitute, the impoverished, the homeless, the oppressed, and victims of torn apart nations perpetrated by enslaving political ideology. We pray that God, on Christmas Day instill in all of them His spirit of peace and hope. Let us also remember our men and women in uniform stationed in distant lands continuing to provide the “Blanket Of Freedom” we have often taken for granted.

On behalf of Lieutenant Governor Lemanu and his Family, Cynthia and our Family, I extend to you all a Christmas that is laced with the peace of God and may each family and resident of American Samoa experience a Christmas that is joyous, peaceful, and free from any anxieties. May you all have a very Merry Christmas and a very Prosperous New Year. MANUIA LE KERISIMASI MA LE TAUSAGA FOU.

Lolo Matalasi Moliga


Ua fa’amanatuina le Kerisimasi e le faitau miliona o tagata i le lalolagi i tausaga uma, e fa’amanatu ai le fanau mai o Iesu Keriso.  O lea la fa’amanatuga ua le na o se taimi o le fesuia’iga o meaalofa i le talitonu fa’a-kerisiano, ae o se taimi taua e toe fa’afou ai mafutaga i le va o tagata ae maise fo’i o le va ma le Atua, e ala i le loto maualalo ma le alofa.


Ua manatunatu ai fo’i le ‘au Kerisiano le alofa uiga ese o le Atua, ina ua Ia auina mai Lona Alo Pele e to’atasi mo le fa’amagaloina o a tatou agasala, ma o se avanoa lelei mo se fa’afouga o lagona ae maise o tatou olaga, ma fa’alelei ai mafutaga ma aiga ma e ua faigata ona maua se feiloa’iga ona o vaivaiga fa’aletagata.  O mo’omo’oga fo’i ia o le agaga, ina ia avea lenei Kersimasi o se taimi taua e toe fa’amaopoopo ai mafutaga i aiga ma nu’u ua leva ona motusia ma le feiloa’i, ae maise ia avea i tatou ma puna’aga o se leleiga i le va o tagata uma.


I lenei fo’i Kerisimasi, tatou manatua fa’apitoa ai o tatou uso o feagai ma so’o se mafatiaga, ae maise i latou ua le maua se filemu, ma ua matitiva ma tu’ulafoa’iina ona o le sa’iliga o le pule.  Ma ia tatou manatua fa’apitoa ai fo’i fitafita uma ua le mafai ona fa’atasi ma aiga ona o le puipuiga o lo tatou sa’olotoga.


O mo’omo’oga fa’amanuia mai le Afioga i le Lutena Kovana ia Lemanu ma lona aiga, ma’ua ma Cynthia ma lo ma’ua aiga, ina ia maua e le atunu’u atoa ma aiga uma le manuia ma le filemu o le Pepe o le Kerisimasi ma ia saogalemu aso fiafia.






Lolo M. Moliga