New infrastructure projects in the Territory

The month of August 2019 and beginning of September featured a flurry of activity and new developments in the Territory as many infrastructure projects were completed and dedicated.

Department of Port Administration Fuel Tank Facility

On Wednesday August 28th, a dedication for the newly constructed Fuel Tank Facility at the Pago Pago International Airport was hosted by the Department of Port Administration. The $6.2 million dollar project was funded by the Federal Aviation Administration’s Airport Improvement Projects. The Airport Tank Farm was designed by Lyon & Associates and constructed by local Contractor Paramount Builders.

Jean P. Haydon Museum of American Samoa

The following day featured the reopening of the Historic Museum of American Samoa a.k.a Jean P. Haydon Museum of American Samoa as named after Governor John Morse Haydon’s wife.

Intermittent talk of establishing a museum had been heard ever since the United States took over the administration of the territory in 1900. That was as far as it went until August 3, 1969, when Governor John Haydon and his wife, Jean, arrived on the island of Tutuila. Five months later a grass-roots, people oriented museum, located on the first floor of the Governor’s residence, finally gave American Samoa the opportunity to display and regard the rich manifestations of its culture.

With no money available, Mrs. Haydon tapped her household fund and the good nature of her staff, namely Chief Tuiomanufeai, police aide to American Samoa’s governors since 1951, to get the project moving. The museum officially opened January 1, 1970. Members of the Women’s Intercultural Society, an organization of Samoan women and wives of stateside employees, served as guides and volunteers.

In 1972, the Museum of American Samoa was moved to a new location in Fagatogo which was built in 1918 and was originally the Naval Commissary during the American Samoa Naval Administration era (1900 -1951). It was later used as the Post Office before it became the Museum of American Samoa. The building is a part of the U.S. Naval Station Tutuila Historic District which is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places as Navy Building 43.

In 2017, due to disrepair of the Museum building, Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga initiated the renovation of the old structure as well as the construction of a brand new building to expand and enhance the capabilities of the Museum.The renovation project rehabilitated the original structure to utilize the previously unused space in a way that does not detract from the historic character of the building, and the addition of a brand new building provides much needed additional curation space for the material culture of our Island.

The renovation of the existing building was carried out by Quality Painting Con struction and Paramount Builders at a cost of $400,000.00 and funded by the ASG Department of Commerce through a Department of Housing and Urban Development, Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)


The new extension and renovation of the Museum of American Samoa was constructed by the ASG Department of Public Works for a cost of $800,000.00 and funded by the Governor Special Projects.

Department of Public Safety Fitness Center

The DPS Fitness Center is a culmination of its organizational realignment acknowledging physical fitness is a central component of what it means to be a well-equipped and trained police officers and fire fighters. As part of the Governor’s strategic directive, the Commissioner of Public Safety has reconstituted its Training Division charged with ensuring peak physical performance and a policy formulation which governs the health, wellness, and safety of its cadets, officers, and employees.

As the tip of the spear in law enforcement, promoting a healthier lifestyle is a win-win for both employees as well as community service. The dedication of the Police and Fire Headquarters and the new Fitness Center will ensure the next wave of our generational workforce will have the tools necessary to be successful in their profession and a model for other organizations to follow.

The DPS Fitness Center is a 1980 square foot extension of the new DPS Fire Station building. This initiative is a collaborative effort between Honorable Governor Lolo M. Moliga and the Department of Public Safety, working towards improving the health and welfare of our police officers. The facility will house a number of commercial type gym equipment including treadmill, stationary bikes etc. It has two bathrooms and a shower.


The DPS Fitness Center was constructed by Nana’s Incorporated at a cost of $240,000.00 as funded by the Governor Special Projects.

Fagatogo Pavilion Rehabilitation

Also dedicated was the Fagatogo Pavilion Rehabilitation which was funded in partnership by the Community Development Block Grant Program under the Department of Commerce and the Governor’s Special Projects while the Department of Public Works managed the project. The labor contract was awarded to Pentagon Samoa Inc. in which construction started on March 4, 2019.  CDBG funded approximately $200,000.00 and Special Projects provided $100,000.00.

As a public facility known to hold governmental and community events, in particular caroling during Christmas and the annual Flag Day Arts Council fa’afiafiaga, Honorable Governor Lolo Moliga saw that the facility needed to be renovated for future use.  Repairs were made to the roof and pavilion structure, restroom facilities, electrical, lights and fencing to by the stream behind the facility and more.


The project is part of a plan to develop and beautify the town area.  In partnership with Fagatogo, the facility will be available for village functions.  We look forward to the use of this public facility for future community events. The Fagatogo Pavilion Repair Project was funded by the ASG Department of Commerce Department of Housing and Urban Development, Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) at a cost of $300,000.00 and was contracted to Pentagon Samoa Construction.

Fagaitua Classroom Building and Fale Samoa

On Friday, September 13th the dedication of the new Classroom Building and Fale Samoa on the campus of Fagaitua High School was held. Per Governor Lolo Moliga’s initiative to continue provide a better learning environment and to improve facilities for our students, the new buildings were unveiled at a celebratory ceremony on the school campus.

Tafuna Community Center Groundbreaking

The proposed project is the construction of covered Play Court Gymnasium for the Youth and Women's Center. The play court will be used for indoor basketball, volleyball as well as a Tennis Court. The proposed structure will be a reinforced concrete building with metal roof framing with 24 gauge Trimdek metal roofing. The building dimensions will be 200 feet in length and 120 ft wide with two story at end bays. The building consists of additional concrete at sides, weight/exercise room, training and conference room, kitchen, as well as men’s and women's toilets and offices on the ground floor. The second floor consists of additional concrete bleachers, offices and toilets. The proposed structure will be constructed over the area that used to house the VA buildings and will also extend on to the OMV track to make way for the new structure. 47 parking spaces will be provided as part of the site development plan. The contractor for the project is Nanas Incorporated and the contract amount is 2,690,000 dollars and is funded by a Capital Improvement Project.

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