(based on press release)

The new school year will see Fatuoaiga Montessori School with some new equipment and facility upgrades, thanks to the generosity and partnership between government agency, the Territorial Energy Office and private company Pentagon Samoa Construction.


This is the third year TEO has adopted the Catholic preschool as part of the Governor’s Adopt-A-School Program. But it is now being joined by Pentagon Samoa Construction after the school wrote a letter for assistance and met with President Taupau Tauileave Toluono last week about some of the school needs.


TEO gave the school a new paint job and purchased 4-feet light fixtures and energy savings bulbs to replace all lights in the 4 classrooms as well as in the staff room, and hallway area. The original lights and fixtures in the school have been there since the building was built many years ago and most are worn out and have been inoperable for some time.

TEO employees have been coming in and out of the school all last week to do power washing and paint the school’s fence. On Friday, the TEO employees painted inside of the school and replaced the lights.


On behalf of TEO Director Taliga Vaiolo, TEO official Niulaititi Hopkinson said they have been working closely with the school in the past three years and they are happy to provide assistance for the betterment of the school and its students. In previous years, TEO donated an energy savings refrigerator and also replaced AC units for the Catholic preschool.


While TEO was replacing lights on Friday, employees of Pentagon Samoa led by President Taupau, were speaking with Principal Maria Telesa about specs for classroom tables and other school needs.


The private company donated on Friday two water dispensing machines, four hand soap dispensers and 5 large hand soap bottles for the school. It will also be building classroom tables and chairs for Fatuoaiga Montessori. As part of its adopt the school duty, Pentagon Samoa will be providing landscaping services for the school for the new school year.


Taupau said they are honored to help out the school and are thankful for the opportunity to expand their community service outreach.


He said two weeks ago, Governor Lolo asked him to help with his Adopt-the-School Program by adopting schools which are in need of help. He said the governor challenged businesses in the territory to partner with ASG in promoting this initiative for the benefit of the territory’s students. He said his company then offered to adopt Matatula and Olomoana, two public schools in his wife’s district of Vaifanua.

On behalf of Bishop Peter Brown, Br. Donald Teixeira - Director of Catholic Education and the Montessori school board, Principal Telesa expressed heartfelt appreciation to Governor Lolo Moliga for his Adopt-the-School Program. She said without such an opportunity, schools would have to find funds to upgrade school facilities on their own.


She thanked Director Vaiolo and TEO for always coming to their aid every time they are called upon. She also expressed appreciation to President Taupau and Pentagon Samoa Construction for their generosity in taking the school under its wing and providing much needed equipment in a short amount of time that the school asked for their assistance.


“We are very fortunate to have TEO and now Pentagon Samoa Construction as our partners,” said Mrs. Telesa. “May God continue to bless them and their staff for helping us in our school improvement efforts.”