The sanctuary is comprised of six protected areas, covering 13,581 square miles of nearshore coral reef and offshore open ocean waters across the Samoan Archipelago.

Enjoy hiking through a tropical Samoan rainforest with fruit bats and many types of birds in the National Park of American Samoa.

The Tauese P.F. Sunia Ocean Center is a visitor center for the National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa, featuring exciting exhibits for all ages.

The Blunts Point Battery, also known as Blunts Point Naval Gun or Matautu Ridge Gun Site, is a gun battery on Matautu Ridge near Pago Pago, American Samoa. It was part of the fortification of the Samoan Islands which took place after the attack on Pearl Harbor, and is a rare example of a World War II Pacific coastal gun which remains in relatively pristine condition. It was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1987.

First Fridays at the local Market is an opportunity for locals and tourists to congregate and shop for local handicrafts, sample Samoan delicacies as well as cuisine from other countries.  There is also entertainment provided by local music and cultural groups

Experience world class game fishing in clear blue Pacific waters.  Marlin, masimasi, albacore, wahoo, sailfish, giant trevally, dolphin fish (mahi mahi), barracuda, dog tooth tuna and yellow-fin tuna are abundant in American Samoan waters.

American Samoa -

Where the world's day ends and Paradise is found . . .