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Office of the Governor

January 22, 2021


Governor Lemanu Replies to Extended Days of Quarantine


"I am in full support of all the necessary measures that the Task Force (TF) must introduce and implement in order to ensure the safety of our returning residents. As a result of identifying these positive cases early on in the quarantine process, it is a testament that the TF's testing and swift response measures are working as planned. I will continue to give the TF the Administration's full support and provide the necessary resources to bring our people home safely." He continues, "I am aware that this extension affects us all mentally and physically, but I ask you to be patient, continue to pray, and stay hopeful."


The recent news on the TF's decision to extend the quarantine in Hawaii was a decision that would allow the capture of necessary data and to guarantee the isolation of any cases with a larger threat, the latest COVID19 strain. The TF had to take necessary precautions to avoid any setbacks in our efforts of a successful repatriation flight. Our residents are traveling to Hawaii from all across the nation, thus increasing the risk. Therefore they must be quarantined for two extra days to allow ample time for proper and continuous testing.   


"As I mentioned in my repatriation press conference this week, we need to expect that our TF will carry out its full due diligence in helping to reunite our residents with families and just to come home. I highly encourage all citizens of American Samoa also to do their due diligence. Educate yourselves on how to prepare yourselves adequately. Get vaccinated, wear a mask, and practice social distancing."

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