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In order to become a notary in American Samoa you must:

    1. Be at least 18 years of age

    2. Have a regular place of work or business in the Territory of American Samoa

    3. Reside legally in the Territory of American Samoa

    4. Read and write English

    5. Not be a convicted felon


The first step to becoming a notary or renewing your commission as a notary is to attend a course that is approved by the Secretary of American Samoa that is at least three hours which includes a written test.  The notary course and examination will be offered occasionally.  In order to be notified, please express your interest here:


Upon passing the course, applicants will receive a certificate of completion. You must then submit an application, including a sworn declaration, to the Secretary of American Samoa at the Governor's Office.  

You must attach the following to your application:

    1. Certification of completion for the notary course

    2. Fingerprint card obtained the Department of  Public Safety

    3. DPS Clearance

    4. Court Clearance

    5. Receipt showing that you paid the $100 application fee to the Treasury for this application.

Your application will be reviewed.  Once it is approved, you will be notified to post a $500 bond with the Treasury (notaries who are renewing should submit proof of a prior bond). 

Take that proof to the Governor's Office, and you will be issued a:

    1. Commission

    2. Certificate of Authorization to Purchase a Notary Seal

    3. A Notary Journal

If you have any questions, email

Jason Mitchell
Chief Legal Counsel

Office of the Governor

American Samoa Government

(684) 633-4121

How to become a notary public in American Samoa
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