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american samoa government
office of the veterans affairs


Our Purpose and Mission

Our office was established by a Fono Mandate, executed on April 7, 1999 by Governor Tauese Sunia, whereby it authorizes the Office of Veterans Affairs, to be an advocate on-island to assist all our United States Active Military, United States Veterans and their families.

We assist with issues concerning Veteran’s Compensation, Funeral arrangements for Veterans and follow ups with benefits review.


As of February. 2022, the Veteran’s Affairs Office, has been assigned as lead agency to assist in the coordination and structuring of our local partnering agencies to lessen Veteran suicides.  We are participating in the Governor’s Challenge Initiative that is part of the national campaign to bring attention to mental health issues for our United States Veterans and their families.

Upcoming Events and Funding Sources:

As of September 2022, the Office of Veterans Affairs has received confirmation as recipients for Grant Funding to assist with various programs:

  • Department of Interior – MAP Grant Program (Approximately $70,000)

    • Funding will be used to establish the first “Living Museum” highlighting American Samoa’s contribution during WW II.

      • We are fortunate to have several existing historical structures located in the Senator Inouye – Tafuna Industrial Park.

        • Project will include retrofitting and preserving these structures (Bunkers and Pill Box) for future generations.

      • This Project will start mid October 2022.

  • SSG Fox Suicide Prevention Grant Program (SSG Fox SPGP) Grant Program ($750,000)

    • Funding from this program will used to further our efforts in lessening Veteran Suicide and promoting positive mental health programs.

      • Food Security Program

      • Watersports / Golf Program

      • Recreation Center

      • Job creation for Professional support staff

      • Outreach & counseling

      • Core Team of Partners

        • Department of Human Social Services

        • Department of Health

        • Veterans Center

        • Veterans Clinic

        • BlueSky

        • Administration of Veterans Affairs

        • Veterans and their families

    • Project funding is expected to start October / 2022

  • Outer island / Samoa Outreach Efforts

      • ​​​​Yearly Schedule Events 
        • Memorial Day Celebration (End of May)
        • Veteran’s Day (November 11)

American Samoa Government – Office of Veterans Affairs

Senator Inouye - Tafuna Industrial Park

Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799

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